Born in Lebanon, Alex Ghazarian showed an interest in acting from an early age. After finishing high-school Alex enrolled in the Performing Arts program at the American University of Beirut. Alex left school after two years to accept a role on the popular middle eastern day-time drama The Sands of Time. After many small successes in television programs throughout the mid-east Alex set his sights on America and Hollywood.

After many small roles, Alex's breakout came in 1978 for his work in The Deer Hunter, working alongside Robert DeNiro and Christopher Walken. Alex quickly moved onto the A-list of notable directors like Martin Scorsese, Francais Ford Coppola, and Steven Spielberg. Alex was noted for his range of roles, as well as his meticulous attention to detail during his performances.
In 1987 Alex gave what many critics consider his finest performance in Oliver Stone's Wall Street. Playing the part of Charlie Sheen's boss at the stock brokerage company, many of Alex's scenes were cut when Martin Sheen joined the production to play the father of his real-life son. In the original directors cut released in 1989 these lost scenes were given back to audiences.

After working on Wall Street Alex announced his retirement from acting. He purchased a farm in Virginia, where he raised race horses. Much of his leisure time was spent fishing.
In 2000 Alex's old friend Anthony Hopkins was in Richmond, Virginia, shooting scenes for Hannibal. After visiting the set several times Hopkins convinced Alex to take a small part in the film. The acting bug had bitten Alex once again, and he now returns in the title role of the film "A Man Called Alex."

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